Official Dates

We're proud to announce that we're offering 1-year-gaurantee.

Let's make history together! Gather your friends and let's get ready to rumbleeeeeeeee.

Game Information

Daily giveaways worth real money have already started, in addition to Discord Nitro giveaways. What are you waiting for, join our discord now!

The grand prize pool distribution will be awarded on plenty of occassions such as in-game events, rankings, fortress wars and discord events.
RACE | Chinese Only
We want to create a fair and balanced game. All Chinese builds are equally powerful, so you can choose the one that best suits your playstyle without having to worry about being at a disadvantage, we want you to focus on your skills and strategies, not on your race or build.
Hard Rates
We aim for a long-lasting server that will continue for at least a year! We are not a server where you can reach end-game items in a few weeks, and we do not open a new server every month. We want to bring back the true meaning of a long-lived server and the true old-school feeling where items are valuable and every drop brings joy.
Mastery | 330
We want to give you more choices and flexibility. With 330 mastery levels, you can add additional mastery skills, or simply customize your character to your liking.
Alchemy | Max Plus +10
Alchemy is a challenging but rewarding process in Silkroad Online. It's a chance to create powerful weapons and armor, but it can also be very frustrating if you don't get the results you want, we believe that alchemy should be fair for everyone. That's why we've set the alchemy rate to 1x and the maximum plus to 10. This means that everyone has the same chance of success, regardless of their level or experience, we also want to give new players a chance to catch up with the others. That's why we've made alchemy more accessible to new players.
Silkroad History: The Better Silkroad Online!
Silkroad History is a cap 100 original gameplay private server, we want you to know that we created this server purely with love <3

In order to prove our server's identity, we're to offer more than just a original nostalgic experience, but also smooth, professional and different gameplay,
while keeping the old style that we love and want to live again.
Unique Lure Bug-fix
One of many annoying problems of the Silkroad Online, was the unique luring!

Players who find the uniques first used to lure them away from their spots, and that's completely unfair and frustrating.

We're honored to be one of the very first servers to fix this issue.
Map Ping
We acknowledge that communication plays an important role in a game like Silkroad, so we've been thinking hard how we could improve it.

You can now do map pings, that can viewed by other members in your party.

Once again, one of the very first servers to achieve it!
Skill Ping
Secondly, we wanted to take communication to the next level!

You can now do skill pings as well!

Skill pings can tell your party mates whether your skill is ready or on cooldown, also the remaining time of your skill's cooldown.
Arena & CTF Re-entry
Battle Arena and Capture the Flag are the essence of the good old memories in Silkroad Online. People used to spend days preparing for them, so imagine losing connection or crashing during the event..

You don't have to worry about that anymore! From now on, whenever you disconnect or crash during any of these events, you will have an option to re-enter the event.

We're honored to the be the first server to implement this system.
Stall Network
Towns were usually crodwed with stalls back in time, it was hard to find what you really want or for the price you really want.

So we re-created stall network, where you can browse all stalls in your town, and easily look for the item you want.
Party & Guild DPS Meter
DPS meter is a custom damage informer, that shows damage information of players on uniques, it was created in private servers.

It became a fundamental feature all of a sudden in any server, due to how useful it is.

We've improved DPS meter concept not to only show damage numbers, but also how many times a player have had critical & ignore hits on the unique.

You also have different views on the DPS meter:
- Player View: shows damage information of all players around you
- Party View: shows damage information of all players in your party
- Guild View: shows damage information of all players in your guild
Party Matching Blocks
C'mon, we all used to get party matching spam from one player at some point..

Good for you, you can now block them!

You can also manage your party matching requests and manually block players from joining your party matching.
Appoint Party Master
Taking turns with your party master who's going to sleep on a late night grinding?

Only way to do that was by dismissing the party and re-creating it..

But that was in the past, because party masters now have the ability to assign a new leader.